Library Staff Speeches & Presentations



Events from 2022

Reflecting on How It Started, Envisioning Where It's Going, Hollie White, Laura Ross, Karen L. Shephard, Lauren P. Seney, Benjamin J. Keele, and Christine Anne George


IR Managers--Can We Create a Model Job Description?, Christine Anne George

The Directors' Perspective, Kincaid Brown, Ingrid Mattson, Amanda M. Runyon, and Carla Wale

The Down Lo(ad): How to Address Missing IR Downloads?, Karen Shephard, Lauren Seney, Aaron Retteen, Christine Anne George, and John Beatty


Creating SelectedWorks Faculty Profiles, Miguel J. Colon Jr.


Pronouns in Institutional Repository Metadata, Emma Boisitz

Events from 2021

What's In A Name? An Open Discussion On Librarian Titles, Christine Anne George and Rachel S. Evans


Reflections on Critical Librarianship and Creating a Controlled Vocabulary, Olivia Smith

Events from 2018


Have You Heard About Our IR?: Soliciting Student Scholarship, Christine Anne George