Research Handbook on Law and Literature

Research Handbook on Law and Literature



In this original and thought-provoking Research Handbook, an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars, artists, lawyers, judges, and writers offer a range of perspectives on rethinking law by means of literary concepts. Presenting a comprehensive introduction to jurisliterary themes, it destabilises the traditional hierarchy that places law before literature and exposes the literary nature of the legal.

Chapters explore multiple genres and modes, from travel reviews to graphic novels, from poetics to ghost-writing, from cartography to speculative fiction. Working with diverse methods and areas of inquiry, including enstrangement, colonial entanglements, blockchain narratives, transing and transgression of many kinds, matterphor, aesthetics and epistemology, this Research Handbook provides a systematic application of literary approaches to the reading of law.

Scholars and students of jurisprudence, and those in the humanities with an interest in law and literature, will find this ground-breaking Research Handbook an indispensable guide. It also offers insight to international legal scholars looking for materialist accounts of law, as well as those interested in contemporary challenges to the rule of law.



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Research Handbook on Law and Literature