Comparative Tort Law : Global Perspectives

Comparative Tort Law : Global Perspectives



Comparative Tort Law: Global Perspectives provides a framework for analyzing and understanding the current state of tort law in most of the world's legal systems. The book examines tort law theories and cultures through a comparative methodology. It looks at general issues at play throughout the globe, such as causation, economic and non-economic damages, product and professional liability, as well as the relationship between tort law and crime, insurance, and public welfare schemes. This collection of essays written by tort law experts from around the world also offers a comprehensive comparative assessment of tort law rules, and consideration for the cultural contexts in which tort laws live, covering many jurisdictions that are usually neglected by mainstream debates and literature. Insightful case studies analyze specific features of selected tort systems in Europe, USA, Latin America, East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. This path-breaking, though accessible book is a critical tool for students, policymakers, practitioners, scholars and academic researchers, especially tort law and comparative law specialists.

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Comparative Tort Law : Global Perspectives