What Is Value Investing?

What Is Value Investing?

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Lawrence Cunningham is one of today's leading authorities on value investing. What Is Value Investing? provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to make value investing a profitable part of your financial strategy. It explains how to:

  • Measure the true value of a stock, not the value given to it by an emotion-driven marketplace
  • Uncover and avoid companies that look impressive but hide serious problems
  • Invest only in companies that fall within your "circle of competence"--products and companies you truly understand
  • Use the eight key rules of value investing to screen every stock for value before you add it to your portfolio

Value investors don't simply buy low-priced shares; they invest in solid, proven companies. What is Value Investing? will give you the knowledge to become a successful value investor who insists on investing only in high-quality, time-proven companies and getting them for pennies on the dollar.



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What Is Value Investing?