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Featured Faculty:

  • Jessica Roth
  • Deborah Pearlstein
  • Kate Shaw
  • Kyron Huigens
  • Leslie Salzman
  • Edward Stein
  • Christopher Buccafusco
  • Gabor Rona
  • Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin

Campus News:

  • Bet Tzedek Clinic Profiled in the Daily News; Secured 6-figure Settlement on Behalf of Client Rejected by NYFD
  • Fashion Law Symposium Covers Sustainability, E-commerce and More
  • Sports Law Symposium Focuses on Legalization of Sports Betting in NY State


  • Blasphemy and Heresy Colloquium with Keynote Speaker: Professor Deborah Lipstadt
  • The New York Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct: Background and Next Steps
  • A Tech Talk on Global Cybernorms with Prof. Duncan Hollis
  • Ten Years of Iqbal: Perspectives on Policy, Procedure, and Substance
  • Russian Spies or Political Scapegoats? The Trial and Execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  • AELJ Spring Symposium: Digital Art and Blockchain

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Law Commons