Cardozo Law News Brief 2018

Publication Date



Featured Faculty:

  • Deborah Pearlstein
  • Edward Zelinsky
  • Kate Shaw
  • Jeanne C. Curtis
  • Christopher Buccafusco
  • Anthony Sebok
  • Lindsay Nash

Campus News:

  • ADR Competition Honor Society Wins Arbitration Prize at Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon
  • Blockchain Project Releases Second Research Report: Smart Contracts and Legal Enforceability
  • Cardozo's Business Law Program Receives "A+" in preLaw Magazine, Family Law Program Gets "A"


  • The Story of the Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and How the Military Did ADR Proud
  • A Panel Discussion on Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets, and Copyright Law: A Cardozo-Google Patent Project Event
  • Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (Film Screening and Panel)
  • A Discussion With David Fogel '15, Executive Director of the National Basketball Coaches Association
  • Are We Already Living in a "Black Mirror" World? A Conversation About AI, Law, and Corporate Ethics
  • From Script to Screen: A FAME Center and Entertainment Law Society Event
  • #MeToo and the Legal Profession
  • An Evening with Design Legend Stuart Weitzman

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