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Featured Faculty:

  • Alexander Reinert
  • Young Ran (Christine) Kim
  • Luis Carlos Calderon Gomez
  • Pamela Foohey
  • Jacob Noti-Victor
  • Leslie Salzman
  • Rebekah Diller
  • Andrea Kupfer Schneider

Campus News:


  • The 2023 Cardozo-Columbia Colloquium on Sovereignty, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights in an Era of National and International Turmoil
  • 50 Years of Title IX: The Pivot to Justice in Women’s Gymnastics
  • Professor David Rudenstine Moderates “The Supreme Court in Crisis”
  • ‘Call Me Dancer,’ a client film of the Filmmakers Legal Clinic, will be shown at the Dance on Camera Festival
  • Benin Bronzes: Restitution and Reparation

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