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Featured Faculty:

  • Kyron Huigens
  • Kate Levine
  • Jessica Roth
  • David Rudenstine
  • David Carlson
  • Kate Shaw
  • Edward Zelinsky

Campus News:

  • Two Cardozo Alumni Appointed to Appellate Division of Supreme Court of the State of N.Y.
  • Student Kharis Lund Wins 2020 ABA Essay Contest
  • Bet Tzedek Clinic Leads Virtual Clinic for SAGE NYC Members


  • Seinfeld and the Law
  • Bioethics at Cardozo
  • Can Legal Reform Fix Policing?
  • Presumptive ADR – What’s That?
  • Impeachment
  • Visual Advocacy and Film 
  • The Trouble with Secret Archives

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