Cardozo Law News Brief 2020

Publication Date



Featured Faculty:

  • Gabor Rona
  • Edward Zelinsky
  • Alexander A. Reinert
  • Kate Levine

Campus News:

  • Virtual Inspire! Awards Ceremony Honors Three Activist Women Who Have Campaigned for Justice
  • CLIHHR's Law Teaching Guides: Trademark Law and the Aunt Jemima Brand


  • Seinfeld and the Law
  • 51 Imperfect Solutions: Book Talk with Judge Jeffrey Sutton, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
  • Tiger King: Through the Lens of Family Law and Sexuality and the Law 
  • COVID and Detention Issues 
  • Supreme Court Summer Cases Wrap-up
  • A Google Maps Trip Through NYC Zoning Issues

Included in

Law Commons