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  • Julie Suk

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  • Panelists Discuss Constitutional Provisions at Cardozo Law
  • Purchase Cardozo Law Merchandise Online!


  • The NY Times: Lawsuit Filed by Cardozo's Civil Rights Clinic and Professor Betsy Ginsberg, Among Other Organizations, Challenges Solitary Confinement for Death Row Inmates in Louisiana


  • LL.M. Team Wins Top Honors at Moot Competition


  • 25th Annual Public Service Law Auction


  • Talking Politics with Senator Claire McCaskill
  • The Challenges Facing Law Students and Practitioners with Disabilities
  • 25th Annual Public Service Auction
  • Shifting Immigration Policy - The Effects on Families and Children in Detention
  • The Constitutional Right of Private Citizens to Video Record the NYPD in Public
  • Bringing More Transparency to the Criminal Justice System

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