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Featured Faculty:

  • Peter L. Markowitz
  • Kate Shaw
  • Michel Rosenfeld
  • Edward Zelinsky
  • Aaron Wright

Clinic News:

  • Bet Tzedek Clinic Gets Preliminary Relief for Young Girl with Disabilities


  • Professor Shaw Analyzes Presidential Speech

Campus News:

  • Cardozo's Business Law Program Receives "A" Grade in PreLaw Magazine Rankings
  • Cardozo's Tax Law Program Ranked Top in Country
  • Cardozo Alumnus David Samson '93 To Be Honored at Hanukkah Dinner


  • Learning From the Masters: Eric T. Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General
  • The Business of Luxury: Can Companies Like Authentic Brands Group, Marquee Brands or Global Brands Group Become the Next LVMH?

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