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Supreme Court 2021-22 Annual Term Preview

Supreme Court 2021-22 Annual Term Preview



Professors Michael Pollack, Kate Shaw, and Ekow Yankah will discuss important upcoming cases involving the Second Amendment, abortion access and affirmative action, among other topics; discuss decision-making dynamics; and consider the future of the Court.

Professor Yankah discussed criminal law and criminal procedure cases:

  • Wooden v. U.S. (ACCA case)
  • United States v. Taylor
  • Thompson v. Clark
  • United States v. Tsarnaev

Professor Pollack discussed:

  • Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany v. Lacewell (in brief, not on the merits docket yet)
  • Ramirez v. Collier (RLUIPA)
  • American Hospital Assn. v. Becerra (Chevron doctrine)

Professor Shaw discussed:

  • The fact that for the first time, we now have real-time live audio of case arguments on the Supreme Court website (water rights cases can be weirdly interesting)
  • Cases challenging SB 8 (Texas law) (5-4 unsigned SCOTUS decision; United States v. Texas; private party suits against Alan Braid – Center for Reproductive Rights filed an interpleader action)
  • Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org. (Mississippi case)
  • Cameron v. EMW Women’s Surgical Center (ostensibly procedural Kentucky abortion case that may signal how the later cases will be decided)
  • New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn. v. Bruen (2nd Amendment case)


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Supreme Court 2021-22 Annual Term Preview