Tort Law : Responsibilities and Redress


Tort Law : Responsibilities and Redress



This ambitious new casebook makes clear to students that recent developments present the tort system with an array of complex issues beyond the nuts and bolts of accident law. Authors John Goldberg, Anthony Sebok, and Benjamin Zipursky combine their expertise in tort law to provide a casebook For The next generation of torts professors. Here's what makes Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress an exciting and original entrant into the field: Overall Presentation emphasizes themes of responsibilities and rights to sue, which permits the coherent presentation of materials while supporting analysis from various practical and theoretical perspectives Negligence, international torts, and products liability are sequenced to ensure coverage of all major topics while also permitting the instructor to select among contemporary issues, such as iquest;junk science,iquest; tobacco litigation, domestic violence and consumer fraud Clear, no-hiding-the-ball text permits in-depth analysis of substantive tort concepts while also introducing, students to related topics such as worker's compensation, liability insurance and attorney's fees Succinctly edited and up-to-date cases from state and federal courts are integrated with classics such as Carroll Towing and Palsgraf, demonstrating that tort law is a dynamic subject, continually responding to social, political, and economic developments Materials are especially designed to facilitate development of common law reasoning, while providing the basis for education in important statutory and administrative developments, such as the 9/11 Victims' Compensation Fund Practice questions assist students in grasping important issues Original appendices on the history of tort law and tort theory provide context For The materials in the book and permit in-depth discussion of those topics at the instructor's option the clear and carefully plotted structure of the casebook encourages both in-depth analysis of tort doctrine and engagement with pressing contemporary problems. Part I uses the famous Winterbottom-MacPherson line of decisions to introduce students to tort law and precedent-based reasoning Part II presents a detailed analysis of the elements of negligence Part III unites claims for dignitary torts with claims for emotional distress Part IV examines traditional notions of strict liability, then moves smoothly to modern product liability law Part V offers a choice of four iquest;modulesiquest; respectively addressing tobacco liability, The 9/11 Victims' Compensation Fund, tort reform, and domestic violence, permitting broad-ranging policy discussions about the contemporary relevance of tort law Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress: Cases and Materials will help you arm your students with a sophisticated understanding of the complexity and dynamism of tort law.

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Tort Law : Responsibilities and Redress