Mediation : Practice, Policy, and Ethics

Mediation : Practice, Policy, and Ethics



The book takes a distinctive new approach to the skills, processes, and applications of mediation: - comprehensive, current coverage of the world of mediation includes law and policy, case examples, practice guidelines for both mediators and attorney representatives in mediation, an exploration of mediation in the transactional and international arenas, and an examination of ethical guidelines and dilemmas - the authors present critiques of mediation, as well as its promise and potential - the distinguished author team, all leaders in dispute resolution, are recognized for their scholarship, teaching, practice, policy making, and standards drafting - practical problem-solving approach includes both analytical and behavioral approaches in varying gender, race, and cultural contexts - carefully selected cases are supported by key readings in various formats -- from critical articles and empirical studies to statutes and regulations To streamline preparation for class, an extensive Teacher's Manual contains: - suggested syllabi - teaching notes and discussion pointers - additional problems and role plays - lists of supplemental materials, such as videos and transcripts - examination and paper suggestions for each chapter.

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Mediation : Practice, Policy, and Ethics