The Middle Voice: Mediating Conflict Successfully

The Middle Voice: Mediating Conflict Successfully



Everyone mediates. The only question is: how well do we do it?

Whether you want to strengthen your skills as a professional mediator, or more successfully manage conflict in your workplace, classroom, family, community, service organization, or political group, this book will give you insight into conflict and tools to address it effectively.

The Middle Voice describes the crucial role that a mediator plays in dealing with disputes and the theory and strategy that guide successful performance. Richly illustrated with examples, it leads you stage by stage through the mediation process, outlining skills and knowledge necessary to execute each step. You will come away understanding what values govern mediation practice, how to begin a conversation between disputants, what to listen for, how to structure a constructive dialogue, ways to overcome impasse, and how to help disputing parties reach closure.

When done well, mediation develops understanding, energizes problem-solving, and helps people reach durable agreements. This straightforward, easy-to-understand book gives you the keys to success at helping others resolve their conflict.



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Carolina Academic Press


Durham, North Carolina


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The Middle Voice: Mediating Conflict Successfully