Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy : Problems, Text, and Cases


Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy : Problems, Text, and Cases



Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy: Problems, Text, and Cases provides a solid foundation to help students master the principles of Administrative Law in an era of change. This renowned casebook retains the strengths that have made it so popular through previous editions: impeccable authorship logical organization that reflects the major components of administrative procedure and reveals the interaction between doctrine and procedure as well as bureaucratic and political factors at work plentiful notes and problems that reinforce the cases and aid in surveying administrative regulation exceptionally insightful historical material on the rise of regulation And The role of the New Deal in changing American government full coverage of the economic aspects of regulatory control, including cost-benefit analysis detailed treatment of the goals and performance of the regulatory state, including regulatory aspirations, successes, and failures, To give students a deep and rich understanding of the subject new information on the regulation of telecommunications detailed new material on important developments regarding the separation of powers, energy policy And The environment, and administrative law issues raised by potential conflicts new case study section on the joint U.S. Supreme Court/D.C. Circuit decision on the nondelegation doctrine in the context of the Clean Air Act unique discussion of the use of cost-benefit analysis in the Bush and Clinton administrations, not covered by any other casebook, And The legal challenges likely to arise in the next decade additional cases (Brown & Williamson, American Trucking) and new developments regarding the Chevron doctrine, The FDA's effort to regulate tobacco, The status of interpretive rules, And The power of the EPA more background information on cases for a fuller exploration of the issues.

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Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy : Problems, Text, and Cases