Contemporary Halakhic Problem Volume 1

Contemporary Halakhic Problem Volume 1



This series is an outstanding example of how normative Halakhah engages and grapples with modern issues that arise in the modern age. Rabbi Bleich, in his remarkable erudition of classical and modern Jewish sources, mastery of the American legal system, and ability to write with great clarity and precision, tackles the most controversial and pressing modern issues from a halakhic perspective. Volume 1 of this influential series addresses: What is the Jewish perspective of abortion? What are the halakhic criteria of death? Is it permitted to rebuild the Temple in the modern day? How can the Agunah problem be resolved? What is the halakhic perspective of the Ethiopian Jews? These and many more issues are carefully and meticulously addressed, and this volume has become a twentieth-century classic reference guide for the scholar and layman alike.

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Contemporary Halakhic Problem Volume 1