Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach, Tenth Edition

Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach, Tenth Edition



Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach is known for its cutting-edge concept and ease of use. The systems approach enables you to teach law in the context in which it is practiced. Straightforward explanations and cases prepare the students to solve real-life problems that arise in actual transactions. Students can solve the problems before class because the book and the statutes provide everything they need. That puts teachers and students on the same side. The materials are divided into free-standing assignments, making it easier for instructors to adjust coverage and design a course around their students’ needs. This problem-based casebook supports the teaching of Article 9 alone or the expansion of the course to include Article 9 in the full context of bankruptcy, mortgages, judicial liens, and statutory liens. A comprehensive Teachers’ Manual provides the guidance teachers need to succeed.

New to the Tenth Edition:

  • Coverage of the July 2022 amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • All examples and problems updated to realistic and contemporary fact settings.
  • Completely rewritten discussion of lender liability concepts.
  • Nine new cases, one new problem, and several new problem parts.



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Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach, Tenth Edition