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This symposium explores the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in consumer credit markets and the legal and policy issues surrounding these practices.

Panel 1: Scoping Credit Discrimination in the Age of AI

This panel examines how the rise of AI in consumer credit markets expands the meaning of discrimination and fairness in lending.

Panel 2: Programming Fairness

This panel examines technical solutions for mitigating discrimination risks in consumer credit markets arising from the use of AI.

Keynote: Fair Lending and the CFPB

Patrice Ficklin, Fair Lending Director, CFPB, and Carol Evans, Deputy Fair Lending Director, CFPB

Panel 3: Regulating Fair Lending

This panel explores regulatory responses to the discrimination and fairness risks generated by the increasing use of AI in consumer credit markets.

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Automating Bias: Cardozo Law Review 2023 Symposium

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