Cardozo Law Review

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A Personal View of Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo: Recollections of Four Cardozo Law Clerks


A personal view of Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo and his approach to the law is perhaps best provided by those who worked under his direct tutelage. Four men who served as law clerks to the Justice during his six year term on the Supreme Court agreed to share their reflections on that experience in this commemorative volume. Joseph Rauh, the Justice's last law clerk, wrote first; his recollections were then circulated among the other three: Melvin Siegel, Ambrose Doskow and Alan M. Stroock. Their responses to Mr. Rauh's memories of the Justice and his judicial style present intriguing contrasts and suggest a subtle dynamic in operation within the Court as well as within the Justice himself. Yet a consistent theme runs through the reflections of these four distinguished attorneys: their direct contact with Justice Cardozo proved to be both a personal and professional inspiration.