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For years, fans of the video-game franchise “Super Smash Bros.” have begged Japanese developing-company Nintendo to include their favorite characters in the record-breaking fighting game. The franchise’s most recent iteration, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” (“SSBU”), has become the largest crossover event in video game history. The popularity of the franchise, as well as the impeccable attention to detail given to each character, has convinced several third-party developers to grant Nintendo licensing rights to include their own mascots as playable characters in SSBU. Nintendo icons such as Mario, Pikachu, and Link, can now face off against characters such as Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Capcom’s Mega Man, and Konami’s Solid Snake, to name a few. However, fans believed that there was one character that Nintendo would never be able to include in Smash Bros . . . until now.

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