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A quick look at the pages will show the breadth of activities in which students are involved, and the depth of scholarship that takes place throughout the Law School. These include visits from both Justice Stephen Breyer and Prof. Andrew Kaufman, among others; students providing representation for people wrongfully convicted and fighting the IRS; and faculty members publishing books and articles in many languages, providing representation and counsel in high-profile cases, and speaking at symposia and panels throughout the world. In Rabbi Lamm's interview, you will read that Cardozo was founded with the desire to emphasize the professional aspects of the law as well as the law's cultural, ethical, and intellectual worth. The Squadron Program celebrating its 10th anniversary is one way in which Cardozo meets its mission and provides students with the tools needed to do meaningful scholarship and participate in the culture of the law. In short, this issue is filled with milestones that document Cardozo's mission and point to achievements that fulfill the promise of our future.

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Spring 1999



1999 Cardozo Life (Spring)

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