The Cardozo Blockchain Project

The Cardozo Blockchain Project

Co-Directors: Jeanne Schroeder and Aaron Wright

The Cardozo Blockchain Project explores the legal questions that surround blockchain technology and the numerous legal and policy issues stemming from it.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing finance, legal agreements, creating new possibilities for the world’s financial and legal systems, and exhibiting the potential for new, more secure government applications, new virtual organizations, and machine-to-machine interactions governed primarily or exclusively by code.

Blockchains maintain a continuously growing list of ordered called blocks, functioning as an open record of transactions. Companies can build upon the technological “layers.” The concept is a fast-growing tool that can change finance and industry the same way the Internet changed consumer services and socialization.

The Blockchain Project brings together academics, technologists, policymakers and members of the private sector for symposia, workshops and events that explore blockchain’s impact on law, government and society. The program provides training to law students and lawyers about blockchain technology and how to develop blockchain-based legal agreements. The project will issue policy papers and research related to the technology.


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