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Featured Faculty:

  • Kate Shaw
  • Gabor Rona
  • Michael Wildes

Campus News:

  • Cardozo Law Hosts Symposium Focused on Rights of the Disabled
  • Purchase Cardozo Law Merchandise Online!


  • Professor Michael Herz on Cardozo's Pop-up Class, The First 100 Days: The Trump Administration & The Rule of Law

Programs and Centers:

  • Cardozo Law Launches Blockchain Project: Focus on Legal and Policy Elements


  • Tech Talk - Artificial Intelligence & Creative Works
  • Representing Residential Real Estate Buyers and Sellers
  • Feminism in the Age of Trump
  • Staying on the Rails - Direct Constitutional Checks on the President
  • Controlling the High Cost of Justice - Perspectives from the Federal Judiciary
  • Critical Race Theory Workshop Series
  • The Challenges Facing Law Students and Practitioners with Disabilities
  • 25th Annual Public Service Auction
  • The Constitutional Right of Private Citizens to Video Record the NYPD in Public

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