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Featured Faculty:

  • Ekow N. Yankah
  • Jonathan Oberman
  • Michael E. Herz

Student News:

  • Cardozo Student Samantha E. Smith '18 Represents Young Patients Needing Speech-Generating Devices


  • Symposium: Rules for a Flat World with Gillian Hadfield
  • Diwali Dinner
  • Will Contests and How to Avoid Them: The View from The Bench
  • Book Talk: The Chickenshit Club with Jesse Eisinger
  • Day-to-Day Life of a Real Estate Associate
  • Democracy Talks - Experts Discuss Gill v. Whitford
  • Book Talk: Taxing the Church
  • Ethics and Lawyering in the Age of Trump with Bradley Wendel
  • Taking: The Intersection Between Colonialism and Consent in Gender-Based Violence
  • From the Ashes Screening and Discussion
  • The Innocence Project's Impact After 25 Years: Law, Policy, and the Courts
  • The Business of Luxury: Can Companies Like Authentic Brands Group, Marquee Brands or Global Brands Group Become the Next LVMH?

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