Comparative Constitutionalism : Cases and Materials


Comparative Constitutionalism : Cases and Materials



This law school casebook examines how the vast increase in international movements of people, capital, goods, ideas and information affect politics in and beyond nation-states, the rule of law and separation of powers, and fundamental rights. It contains case excerpts from at least 40 countries in all continents, examining the assumptions, choices and trade-offs, strategies and effects of decisions from constitutional courts and human rights tribunals in different legal systems and political contexts. It discusses different theories of constitutionalism and how constitutional democracies address similar issues, in different institutional settings. The second edition newly covers the controversy concerning citations to foreign authorities in U.S. Supreme Court decisions, as well as cases arising out of the war on terrorism, including torture. In particular, there is new material on dignity, gay marriage, data protection, pornography, religious diversity, and developments in social welfare.

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Comparative Constitutionalism : Cases and Materials